Project Overview

Welcome to CampNMI! Built by NMI students, for NMI students. We are proud to introduce the new and improved 4110 Workbook with freeCodeCamp.

We took the written lessons from the original workbook and integrated it with the freeCodeCamp curriculum, allowing students to read the lessons and then apply what they've learned, without working in a new tab or window.

Finally, we have enhanced the lessons with approachable language and interactive features for a more user-friendly and engaging workbook experience.


When developing the new, integrated site, we dove into research on our audience and new developments in web development and design in order to enhance the overall user experience.


According to a 2016 Stack Overflow survey, "There is less than 1% difference in pay between masters degree holders and bootcamp graduates."


The data told us that 78% of students that use the 4110 workbook do not have prior coding experience. We wanted to make sure we were creating a user-friendly website.


5 out of 6 students turn to Google when they need help while coding. We wanted all the resources to be in one place. For faster, more efficient learning.

Project Trailer + Poster + Launch Materials

campnmi poster
campnmi poster
campnmi handout

Meet Your Camp NMI Counselors

Brittany Paris

Brittany Paris is a senior at the University of Georgia pursuing a degree in Journalism. Brittany is also pursuing a minor in Communication Studies and a certificate in the New Media Institute. The University of Georgia’s coursework is preparing Brittany for a career in gathering, analyzing and delivering news on various platforms. One day,she wants to be a network-level producer in New York City.

Brenna Coyle

Brenna Coyle is a senior Public Relations major pursuing a New Media Certificate andan educational emphasis in Student Affaris and Family Economics. If she had to pick a dream job, it would be to design craft beer cans for a local brewery in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina.

Samantha Fehd

Samantha Fehd is a senior Entertainment & Media Studies major with a minor in Communications and certificate in New Media. She's interested in brand strategy within the entertainment industry. Her dream is to work in Los Angeles, where she can eat dimsum in K-Town and learn how to surf.

Alex Williams

Alex Williams is an English major at the University of Georgia. He serves as an Alumni Relations Chair for CURE at UGA and Marketing Coordinator for the Undergraduate English Association. After graduation, he wants to work in mass communications or business and technical writing.

Arden Baila

Arden Baila is a senior at the University of Georgia, studying Journalism. Arden is pursuing minors in Anthropology and Sociology and her certificate in New Media.